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Point Of Sale Systems

Restaurant Point Of Sale software to manage your business 

  • Point of Sale & Billing
  • Online Orders in Point Of Sale
  • Kitchen Orders
  • Waiter App
  • Inventory & Recipe
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Digital Receipts
  • Customer Feedback
  • Multiple Outlets & Franchise

Fast and Quick Billing.

Simplicity and speed are our top priorities. We wanted to make sure that you can manage your outlet easily, and hardly spend any time to train your staff.

Manage your Business from Anywhere

Manage your outlet’s setup and prices remotely. With our Slick Point of Sale Analytics App, Track Sales, Products and Customers metrics in Real time from anywhere.


Integrate Online Orders.

Integrate with online ordering channels like Zomato and Uber Eat to manage online orders from the Point of Sale. You can also sync item details, enable or disable items in these channels right from your Point of Sale.


Prevent Inventory and Recipe Pilferage

You can create multiple inventories and manage recipes. Get stock alerts, do transfer and track wastage. The consumption reports help to identifying pilferage and incorrect recipe implementation.


Manage Table and Kitchen Orders

If you are running a dine in restaurant, you can setup and manage table orders. You can also send orders directly to kitchen using network KOT printers. Use our Waiter app to easily take orders and sent to the kitchen directly.


Go Green with Paperless Billing

Send your customer a digital receipt through SMS. This is a go green alternative to printing receipts. Also, the contacts get automatically to your CRM.


Get Actionable customer Feedback.

Customers can provide feedback and select their favourite products in the digital receipt they receive. Use the Feedback app to track and act upon your customer’s feedback.